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Dental Restoration in Bellevue, WA

Dental Restoration - Dentist Bellevue, WArestorative Dentistry is the repair of your teeth restoring them to their full integrity and function. At Advanced Aesthetic, Restorative & Family Dentistry, we will repair decay, remove infection and bring your teeth back to health giving you a beautiful smile.

Our Restorative Services

•  Dental Fillings - Dental Fillings refers to a material used when restoring a tooth that has been damaged by decay. Dr. Bell removes the decay and fills any cavities with a resin quartz material.
•  Porcelain Inlays and Onlays - Inlays and Onlays are used when more extensive restoration work was needed in removing decay. As a larger filling, an inlay or onlay can cover a larger area of damaged tooth for less cost than a crown.
•  Dental Crowns - Crowns are used to encase a tooth that has been damaged or weakened. Working as a cap, a dental crown protects the natural tooth structure from further damage.
•  Dental Bridges - A dental bridge is a restoration technique to replace missing teeth. Using two healthy teeth or dental implants, a bridge of a false tooth is created between.
•  Complete Arch Reconstruction - Is a multi-faceted complex dental restoration. Whether multiple crowns, or crown lengthening, we can improve the look and health of your smile.
•  Root Canal Therapy - When infection has extended to the inside pulp of a tooth, we can help. This is a often painful problem that will not heal on its own. We remove the infection and rebuild the health of the tooth.
•  Dental Implants - With a titanium implant, we can replace a missing tooth. Using a device that resembles a screw, we place the implant directly into your jawbone, creating a solid root to place a dental crown on.
•  Dentures - Dentures give patients the opportunity to replace a smile that has been lost due to accident, disease, or age.

Dr. Bell knows how important your teeth are, you use them every day! We ask a lot of our teeth, we daily apply large amounts of pressure through chewing, bring in a lot of bacteria through eating, kissing and breathing, we have social expectations for them to look healthy and clean, and we use them to express ourselves. Your teeth are important, and we can help.

For information on our Restorative Services contact, D. Ian Bell, DDS, at D. Ian Bell, D.D.S. at our Bellevue, WA 98008 location. (425) 883-8333
D. Ian Bell, D.D.S.
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