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When Can a Toothache Become a Dental Emergency?

Posted on 8/25/2015 by Janie Bell
A red sign with white lettering saying emergency.Toothaches: we've all had them at some point in our lives. A dull tingling sensation distracting you with its anguished pulsing, or a sharp, panging sensation clouding your every thought. They vary in a wide variety of experiences, and also in causes. Some of these causes are taken lightly and have simple solutions.

Toothaches can come from teeth grinding or stress, or commonly dental decay. While these may warrant a trip to the dentist, they can be cured easily. Toothaches may also come from problems not originating in the jaw, such as symptoms brought on by sinus infections. But toothaches can be much more threatening. So at what point does a toothache become a dental emergency?

First, any sort of toothache can become serious if proper medical attention is not sought soon after. Pain levels are a good indicator of how severe a toothache can be. Intense pain lasting more than a few days is a sign that something serious, such as an infection, may be present. Swelling, accompanied by possible discharge and fever, may indicate infection and an abscess - a collection of bacteria and dead tissue inside the tooth that may require surgical opening to drain.

Some patients experience pain in the jaw, and may find it hard to open their mouth without it hurting or having discomfort. This may indicate a problem or injury in the joint, caused by injury. Wisdom teeth, also pose many problems for patients, and the symptoms should not be ignored, as they can cause pericoronitis, a type of infection and inflammation of the tissue.

Symptoms that indicate issues that are not dental can be much more severe than a simple toothache. High fever, facial rash, trouble swallowing, and jaw pain accompanied with chest pain may indicate or lead to severe infections. In the case of jaw pain with chest pain, a patient should seek medical attention immediately, as these may be signs of a heart attack, especially when accompanied with shortness of breath, sweating, pain in one or both arms, and nausea.

Dental care is, at times, an exigent matter. Many of these problems can be avoided with simple dental hygiene, but others require medical attention at the earliest opportunity. Don't ignore your toothache, as it is trying to tell you something, whether light or severe.

If you are suffering from a toothache, please contact us today.
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