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Composite Bonding & Fillings

Designing New Self-confidence With Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Today's versatile high-tech composite (tooth-colored) bonding resins are very strong and natural looking. These advanced qualities make them ideal for cosmetic enhancement of the front and back teeth.

By using cosmetic composite resin materials Dr. Bell is able to conceal damage produced by cavities, replace mercury fillings, fill gaps between front teeth and repair chipped and worn teeth while matching the natural color of the teeth. To achieve your individual goals, composite bonding is sometimes performed as an alternative to veneers.

Steps Away From an Illuminating Result

The composite bonding process requires several steps to achieve superior results. First the teeth are prepared for the application of the bonding resin. Once the composite is applied, it is fashioned into the basic tooth anatomy and hardened with a polymerization light. At this point the composite material is shaped and smoothed into its desired look and form. The last step in restoring your beautiful smile is with multiple polishing applications that finalize and seal the restoration. You will leave Dr. Bell's office with a result that will truly make you smile!

Before & After: Composite Bonding & Fillings

This patient was unhappy with the shape of her front teeth from chipping and wear.
The form and aesthetics of her two front teeth were restored with tooth colored composite material in a single dental visit.

This patient bumped his mouth and chipped his front tooth.
The tooth was restored using tooth colored composite in just one visit.

The notched area of tooth structure at the gum line is called abfraction and is the result of teeth grinding or clenching. These areas are further compromised by incorrect tooth brushing technique, diet and even acid reflux. These areas can be sensitive to cold temperatures.
The notched area is restored with tooth colored composite material in just one dental visit.
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